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Senior Mechanical Project Engineer

norman patel_3.jpg


BS, Mechanical Engineering

California State Polytechnic University,
Pomona, California


ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning


With over forty years of experience, Mr. Patel has engineered and implemented over 10 million square feet of innovative mechanical systems design, including: heat transfer and transport, cooling/heating load calculations, complex psychrometric studies, energy savings analysis, systems selection and comparative solutions design.

In addition, Mr. Patel is dedicated to incorporating sustainable and renewable energy concepts, and has designed systems resulting in up to 70% more energy in projects over the last fifteen years.

Mr. Patel has designed systems for a diverse range of commercial and institutional buildings, large residential complexes/campuses, schools, universities, theaters, warehouse facilities, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, data processing centers and other Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guard facilities.

To accomplish the results, Mr. Patel is skilled in all facets of mechanical engineering design, feasibility studies, construction documentation, equipment specification and review, and construction administration. He focuses on solutions to achieve client satisfaction through elegantly simple, easily maintainable and energy efficient systems, while not losing focus on budgetary realities and interdisciplinary coordination.

His experience lies with the design of HVAC systems for various facilities, where the projects are required to be reviewed and approved by various agencies. Working in close coordination with these agencies, Mr. Patel communicates with them throughout the development of the contract documents, submissions for their review and during construction administration, to meet all of their requirements.