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Things You May Not Know About Fire Protection Consultants
December 2, 2020 at 10:30 PM
Fire protection consultants can help design and advise through all stages of construction projects.

There are a million things to keep track of throughout a construction project. Not only to make sure your building is up to code but also to keep construction running on time and safely. Even the best contractors may not have the expertise to handle the myriad of engineering issues that will arise. You can save money and time by working with a reliable and trusted team of consultants early in the design and construction process.

Fire protection systems are one aspect of building engineering with which you might be less familiar. While many people know that plumbing and electrical must adhere to exact requirements, fire protection isn’t as commonly discussed. A fire protection consultant not only knows the regulations in your area but can help make sure you adhere to them.

What does a fire protection consultant do?

A fire consultant will begin by assessing your project against the state and local codes and regulations. They can draw up plans and documents to make sure your project will pass future inspections. A few of the fire protection systems an engineering firm will help you with are:

  • Fire alarms: determine the best equipment and positioning of fire alarms, and oversee testing following installation.
  • Fire water supply: engineers understand municipal infrastructure and redundant water supply systems, so your sprinklers are always ready.
  • Automatic sprinklers: an engineer will recommend the best system for your project to put out small fires early before they need emergency services.
  • Fire pumps: leave the electrical or diesel pump decision up to a fire protection engineer who understands the codes and projected usage.
  • Fire suppression systems: an engineer can optimize your fire suppression system’s design to save lives and minimize property damage to detect and extinguish fires quickly.

None of these aspects of fire protection should be left up to anyone except for the experts. Engineers have specialized training dealing with contemporary construction projects, including code, regulations, and groundbreaking fire suppression techniques.

An engineering consultant will help you to develop a holistic approach for your project’s systems so they’ll work synergistically for optimal building performance.

Why your project needs a fire protection engineer.

While passing inspections and meeting codes are essential in the timely completion of your project, a fire protection engineer provides an invaluable service to building owners. Consulting with an engineer early in your design process provides you with the opportunity to use the architecture of the building to help save lives.

If the unimaginable were ever to happen, a building designed in partnership with a fire protection engineer is safer and more likely to prevent a fire from turning into a tragedy.

Even if you’re further along in your project’s design process, working in cooperation with fire protection lets you make informed decisions. An engineer will advise you about equipment and placement to better protect and warn your building’s occupants if there is a fire.

Fire protection is just one aspect of what consulting engineers can do for your project. Areas of expertise include electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and even high-performance design. Engineer consultants can take your dream safely into reality by handling the nuts and bolts systems of current construction projects.

Contact PBS Engineers to speak with a reliable fire protection consultant.

We take a holistic engineering approach. Fire protection consultation is just one aspect of what we do to meet our client’s ever-changing needs. When you partner with PBS Engineers, we provide you with mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and energy-efficient solutions. We’re respected throughout the west for our work in California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Texas.

Regardless of your engineering needs, contact us with a description of your project, and we’ll let you know how we can help.