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Do You Need a Fire Protection Consultant for Your Business?
April 28, 2021 at 11:00 PM

Among the hazards to life, limb, and property that you face as a business owner, fire is easily the most destructive. You’re probably doing a lot to protect your building and occupants, but it’s always difficult to know if you’re doing enough.

If a fire breaks out, will the current measures you’ve taken protect people and potentially save lives?

And if you’re subjected to a fire inspection, can you ensure the compliance needed to avoid costly penalties and business closure?

Throughout California, Texas, Arizona, and Hawaii, business owners in need of positive answers to these questions turn to PBS Engineers for support.

Like them, your business might also benefit from having a fire protection consultant.

Find out with these questions:

Do you need help understanding and adapting to fire codes?

The NFPA has over 275+ codes, and they change constantly to reflect a growing understanding of modern fire threats. The State Fire Marshall officially reviews the codes once every three to five years, but there’s no limit to the number of changes that can take place in between.

If you’re having trouble keeping pace with fire codes or understanding them as they are currently, a fire protection consultant is essential for your business.

Their advice and guidance can help you simplify the fire codes that apply to your business. Then, they can help you maintain continued compliance even as codes change.

Apart from ensuring that your business is fire-protected to the latest and most effective standards, this makes it likelier that you'll stay in the clear if you undergo a fire safety inspection.

And speedy compliance with fire codes is a good way to avoid costly fines and avoid both business disruption and a reputation for negligence.

Are you maintaining your fire suppression and protection equipment?

You might have all the systems, but the important thing is whether they’ll kick in and function if the situation calls for it.

A fire protection consultant carries out regular tests on your sprinkler systems, hoses, fire doors, fire alarm systems, etc. — to ensure that they’ll be instantly responsive and fully operational, should you ever need to use them.

Do you know how to respond in the event of a fire?

While you’ll try everything possible to ensure that your building can suppress a fire hazard at its earliest stages, you still need to plan a reaction to an actual fire.

A fire protection consultant can help you plan, structure, and carry out fire drills that suit your property uniquely. And they advise you on creating a safe fire evacuation plan.

It also gives you added peace of mind to know you’re prepared for all fire-related circumstances.

And the consultant can equip you with critical skills you’ll need for successful fire response. That includes how to operate a fire extinguisher safely and efficiently.

Hopefully, you won’t need to use those skills in a live situation. But it’s certainly vital that you have them.

Do you plan to grow your business?

Lastly, a fire protection consultant is crucial if you plan to expand your business. New buildings and structures may fall under separate fire codes from the ones you understand. And there’s no telling when those codes could change.

As construction continues, your local municipality will only renew your permit if the building is fire-protected at various points of completion.

Working with an expert consultant at this stage prevents significant hurdles in the growth you’re planning.

Work with an experienced, committed, and trusted fire protection consultant

PBS Engineers carries over 100 years of collective experience, making us a highly capable team with advanced expertise. We also share a truly customer-focused company culture. We’re committed to always delivering an exceptional level of service.

If you need a fire protection consultation in the South West and Texas, or Arizona and Hawaii, our team is excited to help.

Contact us today for a consultation.