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As part of a conceptual design study, PBS
anticipated MEP impacts to airline operations in several areas of the terminal as a result of planned terminal upgrade programs.  Program changes require that several airlines are relocated to other areas of the terminal.  The intent of this Feasibility Study is to support the Planning Phase for the relocation of seven airline facilities to new locations within the terminals. Although each airline is a separate and distinct tenant, it is the intention of the project document to govern the relocations as a whole.
Airlines to be impacted are:  Sun Country Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines and American Airlines, currently located at T1W, T2E and T2W.  Each tenant will be allocated a specific area, space or suite of rooms, generally equivalent to their existing facilities, or a newly defined set of program requirements. The facilities to be relocated include Airline Operation Services spaces (OPS), Air Ticketing Offices (ATO), Baggage Services Offices (BSO) and Flight Crew Lounges.