| Terminals 2 + 3 | Delta Airlines

After the infrastructure renovation of Terminal 2, Delta Airlines relocated from Terminals 5 + 6 to Terminals 2 + 3.  This plan triggered a domino effect throughout LAX, requiring twenty-one other airlines to also relocate (underwritten by Delta).  The move was in planning for over a year, occurred  on May 12-17, 2017, and was the largest relocation of airlines ever undertaken at LAX.  The move was a precursor to the Delta Sky Way at LAX, Delta’s $1.9 billion plan to modernize Terminals 2+3, now in progress.
In preparation for the relocation:  PBS reviewed, analyzed and designed the proposed relocation plans for Delta operations to move from Terminals 5 + 6 to Terminals 2 + 3 (65,000 SF),  Other Airlines (OAL) who moved out of Terminals 2 + 3 and into Terminals 5 + 6 (50,000 SF).  Electrical engineering designs were provided for public space adjustments at Terminals 2 + 3, which included power to support Delta IT and Special Systems, ticket counter adjustments, kiosks, signage and BHS enhancements. Electrical engineering was also provided for the new Delta Sky Club within Terminals 2 + 3, (21,000 SF).
PBS also reviewed existing Facility Assessment Reports and current construction plans within the two terminals to understand the extent of modernization needed and validated the findings.  Electrical Construction Documents were prepared per LAWA and Delta standards to support the renovation of the interior space associated with the airline functions.